The World’s largest database of Cinema Lenses for mobile devices.

CineLenses is the Largest Database of Cinema Lenses in the World

CineLenses is much more than a Web Platform or a mobile Application.

CineLenses is the Cinema Lens Ecosystem.

It has data and technical specifications of more than 2,800 lenses.

It has the necessary information to Buy or Rent a set of lenses anywhere in the world.

You can make listings of lenses and send them via Mail or Whatsapp.

In the Forum you can add or consult comments and links of Spots, Series and Movies.

Do you know how many Movies have been filmed in the world?
One million Movies have been shot in the world, in Credits you can see or add which lenses have been used in the movies.

More than 8.500 users have already downloaded the Mobile Application, and can consult a question from anywhere and at any time, since CineLenses App works in airplane mode.
CineLenses just like filming never rests, somewhere in the world there is always a shoot.

Our Social Networks reach more than 150.000 Users with a very specialized Target through which Manufacturers, Distributors and Rental Houses benefit from being part of the CineLenses ecosystem.

Our annular benefits multiply,
Do you know how much money the Motion Picture Industry generates in the World?
More than 48 billion dollars annually, so I am convinced that CineLenses has a long way to go.

Never before, something so simple could encompass so much information and make shooting life easier.

The Magic of Cinema is in CineLenses

Manufacturers: +100

Series: +600

Lenses: +2600

Rentals Houses: +500

Primes 60%
Zooms 15%
Special and accesories 7%
Teles 7%
Macros 5%
Shift and tilt 3%
Wide angle/ Fish eye 2%
Extenders, Expanders, Reducers 1%
Our App
Easy Surfing

The material you need for your project can be easily found. It is categorized according to the Spheric or Anamorphic formats. And also to the different types of lenses: Primes, Zooms, Macros, Teles, etc. Another available option is to do the search considering the manufacturer. If you prefer you can start the search by manufacturer, as you prefer and as it is simpler.

Browsing using technical specifications

The search engine will allow you to find the target lenses straightforwardly, based on the t stop, close focus, weight, etc.

Create your own list

Select the required lenses or series and they will be automatically included in a list, which can be save and consulted any time. You can also share it directly from the App, just with a simple click. And share them with whoever you want !!! Production team, friends, colleagues, send the selected list in a single click !!

Do you know where the material can be rented?

There is at your disposal a list of more than 540 rental shops all over the world. If you enter the name of a country and city, the App will link you up to the shops you are looking for. You can even get in touch with them from the App., check their location or webpage.



+ 40.000




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