Alpa Switar Cine Primes

1 Sep 20 Alpa Switar Cine Primes

ALPA is reviving a historical and style-forming brand in the field of cinematography: Introducing the unique ALPA SWITAR Cine Primes, the formerly well-known brand for the 16 mm format now plays in the top league of large sensor formats. The comfortable image circle of 70 mm offers more than enough reserves for all digital cine sensor formats known today. It can also be used with the Fujifilm GFX100 and the ALPA Platon without any problems. No problem with ALPA Switar Cine Primes.

The ALPA SWITAR Cine Primes offer a shimable PL mount as standard. To make the life of the user as easy as possible, each lens comes with an individually calibrated adapter mount for the new shimable LPL port. In this way, SWITAR Cine Primes can move quickly and efficiently between the two worlds and are automatically future-proofed.

Making-Of / Behind-the-Scenes Milano 2019

If you want to know more information about these lenses visit the Alpa website

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