Aura Lens Rental has the new Caldwell Chameleon lenses

12 May 20 Aura Lens Rental has the new Caldwell Chameleon lenses


Capable of high resolution, the Chameleons have the distinctive aberrations one would expect from anamorphic lenses, but with a subtle elegance.

The flare characteristic is reminiscent of anamorphic lenses of yesteryear, though show restraint and are readily controllable.

The 1.79x anamorphic squeeze ratio is the perfect balance of anamorphic look and maximal use of sensor area.

Having two series with different image circles allows the cinematographer to embrace character and edge aberrations, or opt for a cleaner, more restrained image, depending on the shot or project.

The Chameleons are a modern lens for modern cinematography.

The Caldwell Chameleon Anamorphic Primes feature feature rich image

quality and personality that is not easily achieved in modern cinema optics.

Its classic blue flash and its anamorphic bokeh provide an appearance

reminiscent of classic cinema known and loved by filmmakers and

filmmakers around the world.

Defined by its unique appearance and compact size, Chameleon Primes

also features an interchangeable rear group that provides coverage

for large format cinema cameras (Full Frame and Vista Vision).

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