Glaswerk Optics

17 Jun 19 Glaswerk Optics

Glaswerk GmbH was founded to develop substantially built cinema lenses with outstanding optical quality. To achieve the ambitious goals, the core team of Viola Evang and David Kellermann teamed up with excellent optical and opto-mechanical engineers from Germany and developed the front anamorphic prime lens series Glaswerk ONE as their debut.

New Glaswerk Optics ONE

The Glaswerk ONE lens series is a 2x front anamorphic set that was designed to cover the Vista Vision format (FF35+).

The main focus of development is four fold: coverage of the Vista Vision image format for compatibility with the latest camera models from ARRI, Sony, Canon and RED; no restriction of the light path, hence no bokeh cut off; low distortion and minimal spherical and chromatic aberrations; extreme close focus.


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