Director of Photography Jose Val Bal

6 May 20 Director of Photography Jose Val Bal

DOP @josevalbal used Zeiss Compact Prime CP2 lenses in the feature film
A Dog Barking at the Moon by director Xiang Zi

I like Carl Zeiss mainly because of three reasons: they are sharp, they respect

the color and they are light weight. 

In A Dog Barking at the Moon by Xiang Zi, I used a set of CP2

(15, 25, 35, 50, 85 and 135 mm) on a RED Scarlet-W. 

I used the 15mm probably for around 70% of the film, which had very little

distortion. A lot of the scenes in the film were static with very squared

production design.

While no wide lens is 100% free of aberrations, the example below shows

minimum distortion in the extremes of the frame or in the vertical lines.

Keep in mind though that the Scarlet-W’s sensor is not a full frame,

and that played in our favor.

On the other hand, with this specific focal length, you will only notice

that minimal distortion in the edges of your frame when you move

the camera, especially if your characters move in and out.

In order to execute some moving shots, we mounted the RED on

a Ronin MX, and it was great to feel that the lens didn’t add as much

weight as other lenses, because we needed to keep the front weight

to the minimum in order to balance properly. By comparing the weight

of the CP2 25mm with most of its kind from other manufacturers,

you will realize the Carl Zeiss is one of the lightest, if not the most (less than 1



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