Kevin Otterness Jobs and Lens Test

30 Apr 20 Kevin Otterness Jobs and Lens Test

We have compiled some lens tests and work done by the Director of Photography Kevin Otterness

Irix Cine 150mm T3 Macro

Testing the IRIX 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 Cine Lens (Full Frame Sensor) @irixusa on the RED

 @reddigitalcinema Ranger Helium. The clips above were all shot in Macro in 8k at ISO:1600

T3.0-T8.0 and between 24fps-60fps. With the IRIX 11 blades this lens produces a smooth

rounded bokeh.


Leica Summicron-R 50mm

Testing Tiffen’s Bronze Glimmer Glass Filters @tiffencompanywith a

Leica Summicron-R 50mm f/2 lens @leicacamerausa on the @reddigitalcinema 

RED Ranger Helium. 

CAMERA RRH: 8K ISO:1600 60fps
LENS: Lecia Summicron-R 50mm f/4
TOP: No Filter
MIDDLE: Bronze Glimmer Glass 1/4 Filter 
BOTTOM: Bronze Glimmer Glass 1 Filter


Rokinon Xeen

The RED Ranger Helium @reddigitalcinema using the DXL2 LUT

that is in use with the PANAVISION DXL2 Camera. Delivering a rich

cinematic look right out of the gate.

Using ROSCO MIXBOOK (Digital Swatchbook) @rosco_labs@dmglumiere set

at DMX 701 as my main light source. Shot on a 50mm XEEN @xeenglobal 

@rokinon at T2.0 in 8K at ISO:1600, 5000K at 60fps.

Starting to test various frame rates on @reddigitalcinemaRanger Helium.

Using a 50mm XEEN @xeenglobal cinema prime and @rosco_labs @dmglumiere 

MIXBOOK (Digital Swatchbook) as my main light source.
TOP: 8K ISO:1600 FPS:23.97 T2.8 
MIDDLE: 8K ISO:1600 FPS:60 T2.0 
BOTTOM: 4K. ISO:1600 FPS:23.97 T2.8

The clips above were shot on the RED Epic Dragon @reddigitalcinema 

with a set of XEEN Cinema Lenses @xeenglobal @rokinon. All practical lighting

with end results of very clean blacks.

TOP: 4K 120fps ISO:320
MIDDLE: 4K 96fps ISO:800
BOTTOM: 4K 96fps ISO:320

Shot on the RED Epic Dragon REDCODE @reddigitalcinema in Varispeed at 96fps

using Tiffen ND Filters @tiffencompany with XEEN @rokinon @xeenglobal Cinema Lenses

mounted on a DJI Ronin-MX gimbal @djipro @djiglobal and color corrected

in @blackmagicnewsofficial DaVinci Resolve. Actress SAG-AFTRA/Model @thejennysauer

The clips above are RAW and were shot on the RED Epic Dragon @reddigitalcinema 

with a set of XEEN’s @xeenglobal @rokinon lenses.
Top: 4K 120fps ISO: 800
Middle: 6K 83fps ISO: 320
Bottom: 4K 120fps ISO: 800

TOP: 6K | FR: 59.93 | XEEN 14mm
MIDDLE: 6K | FR: 83 | XEEN 35mm
BOTTOM: 6K | FR: 59:93 | XEEN 14mm
Production: Commercial 
Camera: RED Epic Dragon
Glass: XEEN Cinema Lenses
Dolly: Dana Dolly
Filter: Tiffen 4x5.65” Pro Indie ND Kit


Tokina Cinema Vista Primes

Shot with Tokina Cinema Primes @tokinacinemausa on the

RED Epic Dragon in 4K @reddigitalcinema
TOP: 85mm ISO:500 4300K
MIDDLE: 25mm ISO:500 4300K
BOTTOM 105mm ISO:500 4300K

The above scene was shot on the RED Epic Dragon in 4K @reddigitalcinema 

with the 18mm T1.5 Tokina Vista Prime @tokinacinemausaon the Dana Dolly 

@thedanadolly BTS was shot on the Canon C300 mk1 @canonusa 

@canonusaprovideo by @_eugenehahm_ 
Top: Rehearsal 
Middle: BTS shooting the scene
Bottom: Final shot with color grade

The scene above was shot using the Tokina Vista Primes and Zooms @tokinacinemausa 

on the RED Epic Dragon in 4K @reddigitalcinemaand colored in DaVinci Resolve 

@blackmagicnewsoffical and Premiere Pro @adobe.

The TOP and BOTTOM frames were shot on the 11-20mm T2.9 Tokina Vista Zoom.

In fact it’s the same shot just cropped in. I think any cinematographer as well myself will

tell you never to crop your frame to create two shots! I just did it here to give you an example

how clean the image is cropped. The MIDDLE frame was shot on the 35mm T1.5 Tokina Vista Prime.

I absolutely love shooting on this glass!

The clip above was shot on the RED Epic Dragon in 4K @reddigitalcinema with a 18mm

Tokina Vista Prime @tokinacinemausa on the Dana Dolly @thedanadolly

Top: 4K Raw
Middle: CC Pass 1 w/No Power Window
Bottom: CC Pass 2 w/Power Window & Vignette

Kevin Otterness

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