New MasterBuilt Vista-M

6 Sep 19 New MasterBuilt Vista-M

MasterBuilt M-Vista Lens Series

The MasterBuilt Vista–M Lenses have been designed to produce images of vintage personality throughout large format cinematography.

Built to exacting specifications, the MasterBulit lenses maintain superior center sharpness, while gradually building softness and glowing beauty throughout the frame.

Each lens maintains a super-fast T1.4 aperture throughout the entire focal range, making it effortless to shoot in professional settings where swapping lenses and shooting matching coverage becomes crucial.

The maximum T-stop facilitates shallow depth of field and smooth focus fall-off giving subject’s singularity in the frame.

All MasterBuilt lenses incorporate a proprietary polishing method of the optical element.

This process helps enhance signature flares and softer contrast reminiscent of the vintage Canon-K35© optics.

Each lens is engineered and assembled to the highest tolerances, ensuring accurate marks, zero backlash, smooth focus, zero* breathing, and solid build.

The Masterbuilt Lenses perform to the highest levels of industry and mechanical standards. Each lens incorporates Aspherical elements which achieve superior aberration correction with less optical elements, ultimately producing higher quality imaging.

The MasterBuilt lenses strike a balance of sharp images with soft edges.

Optically the MasterBuilt Lenses have achieved significant characteristics, while maintaining clarity and precision.

The MasterBuilt Lenses are available for Rentals and Sales through T M CAMERA SOLUTIONS and authorized camera rental facilities worldwide. See us on INSTAGRAM for updates.

The MasterBuilt Lenses

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